Visa Assessment Service

Visa Assessment Service


Sticker Visa is the first and only Consulting Firm in Bangladesh to introduce a breakthrough solution called ‘Visa Assessment Service’. This comprehensive solution is a unique way that helps anyone to make the right decision by identifying which category of visas are the most suitable and has the highest success rate for an applicant based on the current profile for the desired country. It also enlightens a traveler by showing the accurate visa processing system and reject any unlawful out-force or process. You may have the below questions in your mind:

# Are you Confused which Visa Category is most appropriate for you? || # Not sure which documents are needed to prepare & present for visa? || # How much money you have to show in Bank Account? || # Unclear about how to write your visa application letters? || # Which documents are important and which are not important? || # How to represent your previous visa/immigration history? || # How your Financial Details need to be represented? || # What will be the Total Cost for your visa processing & travel? || # How long the Visa Processing will take (Time)? || # Is Visa Interview / Biometrics mandatory for you? || # Where (the right Visa Office) to submit your visa application? || # How to represent your assets & properties?

Do you have the above questions (or many other confusions) in mind? To get the answers to all your questions and queries, our Visa Assessment Service will be the best solution for you.

This service aims to those travelers who wish to go abroad (for any purposes) and have already talked with multiple companies for advice or visa assistance; yet confused and feeling unreliable for any given suggestions or services. We exactly work on the confidence of the applicants here.

Visa Assessment Service

What’s Included in This Service?

Under this service scale, we conduct a detailed assessment of the applicant’s profile (education, profession etc.), economic & social status, family belongings, inviting parties, travel & immigration history, and many other factors. Based on the in-depth formal assessment on applicant’s profile on a particular country or group of countries, we prepare a thorough report for the applicant, where it is mentioned, which categories of visas and accordingly the list of documents are the most suitable for his/her visa application. We also provide detailed guidelines on how to proceed for the right visa application and recommend the applicant what decisions would be most effective for his/her life.

Visa Assessment Service

Reasons Why You Should Take This Service

Our comprehensive ‘Visa Assessment Service’ is a guide that will:

  • Identify your success rate or capability in visa applications for your desired country.
  • Help you to choose the right visa & make you aware of the documents.
  • Open your eyes with confidence in visa processing.
  • Help to keep you away from fraudulent.
  • Help you to take accurate & better decisions on traveling.
  • Stop wasting your valuable money and time unnecessarily on various ineligible parties.

Visa Assessment Service

Now, How You Can Start This Process

Firstly, you (the applicant or it’s representative) have to confirm to take our service by register at our system officially; Once the registration is completed for your desired country’s or territories (e.g. Schengen) assessment, we will sit with you (Physically or Virtually) for a detail discussion about your professional & all other details and takes notes. We will also ask several questions relating to your travel plan/intention and record those as well. Then, we will request to email / courier / handover us all the documents related to your profile or as we suggest.

Within the next 7-10 working days of your official registration, we will assess your case thoroughly and provide you the detailed assessment report over email. Once you read the full report, it will be very easy for you to make the right decision and you will understand what you need to do further. Then, we can start the documents processing & eventually the visa.

Visa Assessment Service

Registration process to start:

To register with us, you have to comply with the terms of the service and make the service confirmation fee to start the process officially. This fee includes our consultant’s working time value to study your profile, social & financial aspects, and all the factors relating to your travel purpose and identify all the visa categories which are best appropriate for you.

Visa Assessment Service


Fee for this Assessment Service varies on certain factors related to the profile of the applicant. Therefore, it is necessary to talk with our expert over phone to get an exact quotation for the service.

Visa Assessment Service

Are You Ready To Start?

You need to make a decision by reading all the above details whether you need this exact support to identify the right visa for you and have the best chance to get it with proper process. If yes, you need to contact us ASAP and we will guide you to register and start.

Our dedicated Direct || WhatsApp Number for Visa Assessment Service is +88 0184 1120 144 or +88 0184 1120 155  (we are available 24×7). Please call now!

Besides, for all general queries, you may call at +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155 (Both numbers are available over WhatsApp, Viber, IMO) and Email at

Visa Assessment Service

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Visa Assessment Service