Photo Specifications for Visa Application

Photo Specifications for Visa Purposes:

Photo Specifications for Visa

  • Always Provide 3-4 copies of photographs. Photo Specifications for Visa
  • The photograph must be in Color & Lab Printed. Photo to photo print in local printer or edited photo is NOT allowed. Photo Specifications for Visa
  • It should be 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm. (Borderless) with a white background.
  • It should have a close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 80% of the photograph.
  • The photograph should be recent which hasn’t been used in any other visa copies.
  • It is to be taken without headgear (i.e. cap). But if the photograph is taken with headgear on religious grounds, then the main characteristics of the face must be apparent from the photograph. Chin, nose, eyes, ears, and eyebrows must not be covered; the forehead should be uncovered to the extent that the shape of the face is apparent.
  • Teeth should not be visible.
  • Face expression should be nutral, that means you must not smile while taking the photograph.
  • It should be without a hat/cap.
  • Scanned or Photo to photo copies would NOT be accepted.

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