About Sticker Visa

Sticker Visa is the finest visa processing center in Dhaka, serves with customized solutions to your visa and immigration issues. We are focused on assisting such visa cases where other agencies in the city are incompetent to provide the solutions.  We dissect the profile of each applicant and advise to prepare the documents as required. About Sticker Visa

Sticker visa is the only visa counselling, processing & research center in Dhaka which provides solutions by following a reversed methodology i.e. we do not offer preset solutions to our clients; rather we listen to their requirements first and design the solutions accordingly. Our expert team has vast knowledge to perfectly solve the Critical Immigration cases for you. We provide a precise & customized solutions for almost all kind of visa categories for most of the countries in the world. We are also proficient to process visas of those countries of which the visa office is outside of Bangladesh national border. For a compact & adept support, only ping us through email: connect@stickervisa.com / Phone: +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155

Our only weakness is that we do not take applications for visa which are very easy to process. Because you can have those processed thru any nearby agencies or embassies in Dhaka. About Sticker Visa