Uzbekistan Visa Types

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Uzbekistan Short Term & Long Term Visas from ‘Sticker Visa Bangladesh Office

  • From Bangladesh, ‘Sticker Visa Office at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka accepts all categories of Uzbekistan visa applications.
  • Your visa application(s) will be processed from the Embassy of Uzbekistan in India or online for E-Visa.
  • To know the detailed checklist & process, Click each of the below-highlighted visa types.

Uzbekistan Visa (short & long term) Categories are (Click on Each Visa Type for Detail):

  1. Diplomatic Visa
  2. Service Visa
  3. Investor Visa
  4. Business Visa
  5. Visa for Crew Members of Air, Sea, River Vessels and Train Crews
  6. A Visa for Religious Activities
  7. Visa for Practical Training or Internship
  8. Visa for A Private Trip
  9. Tourist Visa
  10. Visa for Family Reunification
  11. Visa for Employment
  12. Visa for Missionary Activities
  13. Visa for Humanitarian Reasons
  14. Visa for Education
  15. Visa for Treatment

If your desired visa category is not on the above list, then call us at +88 0184 1120 155 or email at for our customized assistance. Uzbekistan Visa Types