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How to Process of Ukraine visa application from Bangladesh:

It is not easy to get Ukraine visa from Bangladesh due to the remote location of its visa office. Currently, all Bangladeshi Nationals need to process this visa from their Embassy in New Delhi.

Sticker Visa team offers the entire solution for Ukraine visa from Bangladesh. We made it very easy for Bangladeshi citizens to process Ukraine visa from Bangladesh. You only need to hand over your documents and passport to us and once it is received by our team at Dhaka, we will forward it to their visa office in New Delhi for further processing. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us for personalized support.

Visa Categories of Ukraine:

Please CLICK HERE to know All Visa Categories of Transits, Short Stay & Long Stay along with the detailed documents’ checklist.

Ukraine generally issues short term & long term visas in various categories according to the requirement of the applicant. We offer visa support for all of the kinds depending on the purpose of the visit of the client.

Some of visa categories that Bangladesh citizen usually applies are like below:

1.    Business Visa

2.    Official visa

3.    Private visa

4.    Tourism visa

5.    Educational or cultural program visa.

6.    Employment visa

7.    Study visa

8.    Spouse visa etc.

Common Supporting Documents for Ukraine Business visa:

We provide the customized and specific checklist for our clients while requested over email. But below are the common documents which you need to present for business visa.

1.       Signed visa application form; needs to be done online

2.       Applicant’s valid passport/travel document; with all previous original passports will be required.

3.       2 copies of photo (35 * 45 mm, the face zoom will be 70-80%); white background.

4.       Residence documents – valid residence permits/equivalents (in cases where applicants reside in a country that is different from the country of their nationality/citizenship); it may not be applicable to you as per the conditions.

5.       proof that the applicant is a holder of (or is entitled to benefit from) a valid medical/travel insurance policy to cover Ukraine and the period of stay (the policy should provide a minimum of €30 000 or equivalent coverage); you will need this, if necessary my team can do it and they will charge you according for the service and the cost of Insurance by the provider company.

6.       Proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay (e.g. bank statement for 6 recent months, cash in Ukrainian hryvnia/other convertible currency,

7.       bank cards along with current/savings account balance statements provided the bank cards can be cashed in Ukraine,

8.       Hotel/accommodation booking,

9.       Letter from the applicant’s employer/sponsor confirming their coverage of applicant’s expenses in Ukraine,

10.   Both way air ticket booking copy with PNR.


11.   one of the following:

a)       invitation letter from an entity/company/organization registered in Ukraine, presented on the official letterhead, with indication of the entity/company/organization’s number according to Ukraine’s Unified State Registry of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Citizens’ Associations, registration number, date and signature, full name of the invited person, information about his/her date and place of birth, nationality, passport details, place of residence, purpose of visit, duration of intended visit to Ukraine, number of entries and place of stay in Ukraine, legal person’s obligations towards possible costs related to the invited person’s stay and/or departure from Ukraine;

                      – Invitation letter must be supported by Ukrainian Government issued Company registration certificate.

b)      document issued by the relevant regional/city state administration/bank confirming that the applicant has made an investment to Ukraine’s economy;

Please note that applicants might be asked for additional documents or in person interview by Ukraine’s visa officers (to be defined by Ukraine’s visa officers of the relevant Embassy/Consulate General).

If you are applying in other categories apart from Business, kindly communicate with us for updated checklist.

Even if you need assistance to fill up the online or offline visa form or advice to prepare any of the supporting documents, you can take customized add-on assistance service from our experts.

The fee varies on the type and category of your visa and on the scale of support you require from our team. It is requested to contact our team to learn about the exact fees & Charges that will be applicable for you.

Processing time:
Approximate time is 1 to 2 weeks from the date of submission in the Embassy.

Please add one week more with the above time-frame as official visa application transit time (both way) from Dhaka – New Delhi – Dhaka.

How to submit the Ukraine visa application:
It is very easy to apply thru us. You need to call up our Hotline Number +88 0184 1120 100 (Direct Call, WhatsApp ) for an appointment to submit your documents. It is to be noted that we do not entertain any walk-in clients, hence prior appointment over phone or email is mandatory to submit your visa application. In case you do not know the list of required documents, you can email us at with your specific query and our team will answer it specifically.

Counselling Support for Visa:
Also, if our team finds that you need an in-depth counselling support to prepare the visa application, we will suggest you and accordingly you can avail that to increase the chances of getting visa. To learn more about our Counselling Support Details, kindly Click Here.

Student Visa for Ukraine from Bangladesh:

We are happy to announce that; Ukraine student visa now can be processed very easily from Bangladesh. If you already have completed your university formalities and ready to take the final step of visa processing, we are here to assist you. You can apply the visa thru us at Dhaka and we will have it processed from the Ukrainian visa office in New Delhi. Write to for details.

For More Details, Please Dial +88 0184 1120 100 or  +88 0184 1120 155 (We are also officially available over WhatsApp ) or you send an email to and we will reply you with further details. You may also pay a visit to our office at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka (With Prior Appointment only) for further discussion.

*The above information is up to date and valid until 31 December, 2021.

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