Common Countries || Paid Consultation Only

Complete Visa Solution Provided by ‘Sticker Visa’ Bangladesh Office

Common Countries We Provide Paid Consultation Only

There are many common destinations where Bangladeshi passport holders travel very frequently. Hundreds of travel agencies in Bangladesh are currently offering visa solutions for these common countries. But, if you are facing several times of visa refusals from these countries and need specialized support for the next visa application, you may call us.

We do not provide any information over the initial phone calls or email for the below countries.

Don’t call us if you are not interested to pay our service fee first (to discuss your visa matters).

We are experts on providing visa & immigration-related solutions where you can’t find any other agencies in the city with such solutions.

‘Sticker Visa’ only offers paid Information / Consultation for the below countries:

  1. India.
  2. Thailand.
  3. Malaysia.
  4. Singapore.
  5. China.
  6. Nepal.
  7. Bhutan.
  8. Egypt.
  9. Indonesia.
  10. Hong Kong.
  11. Saudi Arabia.
  12. Sri Lanka.
  13. The Maldives.
  14. Bahrain.
  15. Brunei Darussalam.
  16. Kuwait.
  17. Oman.
  18. Qatar.
  19. The United Arab Emirates.
  20. Vietnam.
  21. Yemen.
  22. Pakistan.
  23. Iran.

Common Countries We Provide Paid Consultation Only

Travellers often face the below Visa/Travel issues:

  • Visa & immigration process-related difficulties;
  • Visa refused from any of these countries once or multiple times;
  • Have a travel ban or passport block;
  • No other agents/agencies/consulting firms in the market are capable to solve your visa problems;

If you have any of the above issues, only then you will contact this number: +8801841120155 (Direct || WhatsApp), take an appointment to visit our office with Our Initial Information/Discussion/Assessment Fee (BDT 10,000/- per session) to take information or to discuss your visa and travel-related problems. We will scrutinize your visa case and provide you possible solutions to your visa issues as well as clarify all your confusion.

Note: After the discussion session, if you further want to process the visa application for the above countries through our Mirpur DOHS Office, then you need to pay an additional Consultation Fee first (starts from BDT 10,000/-), which does not include any visa fee or application centre fee or any other third-party costs. Also, as per our prepared documents and advice, you will submit your visa application in-person to the Embassy or Application Centre.

Remember, you have to pay our Registration Fee first to sit for a discussion meeting, after visiting our office.

Please Note: This Initial Initial Information/Discussion/Assessment Fee is charged for the first-day meeting only. Our Consultant will provide you all the relevant information and solution on that day (and if necessary, over a single email) which you will follow to apply for the visa. But, if you need us to provide detailed consultation on your case which might need additional sittings and detailed scrutinization of the case, consultation fees will be applicable for consequent supports.

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Common Countries We Provide Paid Consultation Only