Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

.Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

Visa Application’s Documents Pre-check before Embassy submission || Validation Service:

  • Isn’t it better to know what will happen (your visa decision) if you apply for a visa with your already prepared documents & application tone at the Visa Office?
  • Isn’t it nicer if we make sure you have no loopholes in your visa application documents before submitting those at the Embassy, to have close to zero visa refusal chances?
  • Isn’t it fair that we make you confident by assisting to prepare your documents or for your interview before the visa office(s)?

Let’s say, you have already prepared all the relevant documents for your visa application and are ready to submit at the Visa Office. But you are still confused or afraid in the last moment, whether every document is prepared/presented flawlessly to get the visa granted or otherwise..!!! Because, if you somehow miss the visa for any silly mistake(s), all your effort, time & money on this – will be completely wasted.

OR, you already know how to prepare the necessary documents for your chosen visa category(ies), but you are Quite Confused on where you can start or which specific documents you need to prepare/represent to make the best visa application approach in order to get the visa successfully.

We, at Sticker Visa, are offering ‘Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation’ service to remove your confusion in the documentation and boost your confidence. Your prepared documents will be cross-checked by a high-standard and professional consultant, to make sure that everything is in proper order before you/we submit it to the Visa Office.

.Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

What We Offer:

  • If you have already prepare your documents, then our processing team will vet all the documents and will give you written feedback on our findings (any loopholes in the case or the documents that need to be amplified, changed, or added). Then, as per our validation report, you can rewrite/modify your documents where necessary.

This service will tell you how prepared you are in documents representation to receive a positive visa decision from the Visa Office. It allows you to identify whether everything you’ve prepared, is done flawlessly or not. If you are looking for confident consultants who are professional, dedicated and give the highest importance to clear any issues in your readied application, then we are the right people to connect with.

  • OR, You can first visit our office and tell us in detail of your visa purpose, family information, professional details, financial circumstances etc. Based on your information, we will provide you a customized checklist of documents (based on your case profile) over email which you need to prepare. Then, once you ready all the documents, bring those to our office and we will finally check and verify those to ensure you have everything ready without any mistake.

Please Note: Under the above service details, we will not write any documents for you, such as writing the covering letter, invitation letter, NOC letter or any others, writing/Filling Up Forms etc., rather provide detailed guidelines.

However, after availing of our validation service, if you feel that you need our complete assistance to study your case & rewrite everything for you, then you can upgrade to our Comprehensive Consultation Service, where our Expert Team will reset your application approach/representation (where/if necessary) and rewrite your applicable documents/letters/forms (where necessary) with zero mistakes to make the best representation for your visa application (our Full Consultancy Fee will be then adjusted with the validation fee). You will have the best chance to get the visa granted and avoid any unwanted outcomes.

Or, if you still hesitate, read “About Sticker Visa”.

.Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

Why It Is Important For You?

We have experienced previously that many qualified applicants prepare documents by themselves, but got refused a visa from a particular country(ies) even for the pointless mistakes. The application form is incomplete or not properly filled; the applicant forgot or failed to justify important issues in the cover letter, insufficient documents, financials are not elaborated or justified properly etc. are the common mistakes of visa refusals.

We understand that you may be a frequent traveler or smart enough to prepare visa documents by yourself. But, if your visa gets refused for any common mistakes, your travel experience or smartness would never help. So, this service is to relieve you from any unintended situation at the visa office.

.Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

How To Purchase This Service:

  1. Firstly, call us at +88 0184 1120 155 to take a prior appointment at least a day before visiting our office to discuss your visa application matters. Please remember, since you are taking a pre-check service, so make sure that your application is as ready as to submit at the Embassy.
  2. One of our team members will welcome you to our office and accept your documents. That time, you also have to pay the validation fee to our cash counter. If you are unable to visit our office, then you can also courier us all your documents or even share everything over email and make the payment at our corporate bank account to initiate this service.
  3. Once the payment formality is done, we will send your application to our processing team, where every small thing in your documents will be checked. Then, our team will email you the detailed instructions based on the findings of your documents. In parallel with the detailed email, our team will arrange a 30 minutes call with you at a suitable time to clarify any of your confusion or queries relating to the solution email.
  4. By following our instructions, where necessary, you will modify the documents. Once everything is okay, you will submit the application to the Visa Office. If you are using our Visa Processing Service, then we will further submit the application to the Visa Office.
  5. Remember, throughout the process, we will provide you with intellectual guidelines in detail over email for the result of a positive visa decision. You will have to prepare/change/rewrite your documents. We will not write anything on your behalf or change the application approach/representation. But, for further assistance, you can add or upgrade to our Comprehensive Consultation Service, where we will assist you in more detail to study your case and prepare all your applicable documents.

.Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

Our Service Fee:

For example:

  1. If you already have prepared your documents in full & those are ready for submission at the Embassy/Application Center, then for only validation, we will charge BDT 10,000/-. For a single person or a nuclear family of 3-4 (Husband, wife & 1/2 minor child at best), our minimum Fee is BDT 10,000/-. For others, fee will be applicable for per person basis which you need to pay prior to start our service.
  2. If you have not prepared anything and need our initial discussion to start from the scratches, then we will charge BDT 15,000/- for initial discussion with checklist over email and also final validation once all your documents are ready (as per the Point No. 1 details).

Hence, you are requested to call us first and mention your situation clearly. On-call, we will advise you further details.

If you need Form-Filling Assistance for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. from our Office, you have to PAY additional BDT 10,000/- Per person depending on the case.

Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

Timeline / Processing Time:

The overall processing time of this Pre-Check/Validation Service is 2-3 working days, where a 30 minutes Telephone Consultation can be done at any suitable time. However, the Initial Discussion Period may last till 1 Hour on the day you purchase our service.

However, if you upgrade to our comprehensive consultancy service, then the processing time shall be a minimum of 1 week or more based on the maturity of all documents.

.Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

Are You Ready To Start?

After reading the above details, please call or email us to get the right assistance for you.

Our dedicated Direct / WhatsApp Number for Documents Pre-Checking / Validation is +88 0184 1120 155  (we are available 24×7). Please call now!

Besides, for all general queries, you may call at +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155 (Both numbers are available over WhatsApp IMO) and Email at

Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation

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Visa Document Pre-Check/Validation