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United Kingdom Visa | We Provide UK Visa Counselling Support

It is not easy to get UK visa due to the complex visa process and the requirements of UK Visa & Immigration Department. UK Visa from Bangladesh

Sticker Visa team offers the entire solution for Bangladeshi citizens through its visa counselling service to avail United Kingdom visa from Bangladesh easily. Our Visa Counselling Service is a comprehensive method which enables you to prepare your visa application seamlessly according to your profile. Since proper visa documentation depends on several factors, we conduct a complete background and travel history check on the client and based on which precise customized consultation is provided. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us for personalized support.

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The counselling support includes, but limited to

  • Studying Entire Background & Travel History of the client,
  • Creating Personalized Checklist based on the Client’s Profile & Merit.

Identifying areas where special focus is needed into the Client’s Profile and addressing those in preparation of the best visa approach to the respective embassy.

Process of United Kingdom visa application:

All Bangladeshi applications for an UK Visa must be made by completing an Online Visa Application Form and taking appointment. Once it is done, you have to prepare the required supporting documents and take to UK VFS on the appointed date for your visa application submission & biometric enrollment.

Visa Categories of United Kingdom

It depends on the purpose of your travel to United Kingdom. In broad sense, UK visa can be stratify into three types:

  1. Standard Visitor Visa (less than 180 days): It includes Business Visa, Conference, Tourist-Visit Family/Friends Visa, Visit Tourist, Transit Visa, Short Term Study Visa, Internship, Join Ship, Medical Treatment, Performance/Tournament, Training Visa and few more.
  2. Long Stay Visa (more than 180 days): Student Visa, Employment Visa, Join Partner or Family for a long stay, Get married or enter into a civil partnership etc.
  3. Student Visa: ‘Sticker Visa’ Dhaka office provides comprehensive admission & visa solution for this category.

Common Supporting Documents for United Kingdom visa:

We provide the customized and specific checklist for our clients while requested and confirmed our comprehensive visa counselling support. You can only avail our Visa Counselling Services upon your formal confirmation in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. Based on the acceptance of the case, we carefully explain specific requirements of Clients’ visa application and suggest to arrange documents in such a way as to improve its acceptability. UK Visa from Bangladesh

Under this hood, we will open up a case file under your name and details to analyze your travel, professional & other history including any previous visa refusal(s) and prepare the appropriate approach through pre-application document screening. UK Visa from Bangladesh

Please note, all the documents have to be in English only. If not in English, kindly translate and notarize it. UK Visa from Bangladesh

Fees: UK Visa from Bangladesh

The fee varies on the category of your visa and on the scale of support you require from our team. It is requested to contact our team to learn about the exact fees & charges that will be applicable for you.

Processing time: UK Visa from Bangladesh

The total counselling service will be completed by maximum three sittings within 30 days from the date of signing. If the applicant(s) delay or could not arrange the required documents within the 30 days’ time frame, the Sticker Visa team will not be liable to provide any further support and the agreement will be treated as completed.

How to take our comprehensive counselling service for United Kingdom:

To start your counselling support, you need to call up our Hotline Number +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155 (Both numbers are available over WhatsApp ) for an appointment to visit our office. It is to be noted that we do not entertain any walk-in clients, hence prior appointment over phone or email is mandatory to meet us. In case you have a multiple queries, you can email us at with your specific questions and our team will answer it precisely. However, we do not entertain any counselling unless you confirm our service. UK Visa from Bangladesh


UK Visa from Bangladesh