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Student Visa solution

Dear Students / Parents / Sponsors – Are you exhausted searching for proper study visa related information over the internet? Don’t worry, you have found us!

You are at the ‘Sticker Visa’ – Student Section, A dedicated team of experts to provide Independent, Untangled & Unbiased study visa consulting support for you. 

If you reach us officially for support, you no longer need to spend your time educating yourself about the definitions of visa or study visa, offer/acceptance letter, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, visa application form, interview, sponsorship etc. We will do all the research and render you a comprehensive solution.

On top, since we are the Independent Consultants, we don’t even have any motive to provide you biased information. We will officially represent YOU as your Personal Study Consultant since we represent many institutions abroad. So, we would never put it on your neck for our own sake, rather suggest you choose the best course/institution that is the most suitable for your further education/career. However, we may represent/connect you with our foreign partnered institutions (that we’ll get connected in future) upon the course & session availability as well as smooth admission formalities only. We ensure you receive the best-unbiased mentorship and consulting support – the most and best suitable solution as per your profile.

Student Visa solution

How Would You Avail Complete Admission & Visa Support from ‘Sticker Visa’?

  1. First, you have to read the details till the end of this page. Then, call or email us to make an appointment to visit our office only:
    • If you are determined to study abroad by taking our admission & visa support;
    • If you have the capability to carry the tuition fee and living expenses;
    • If you agree to pay our Initial Registration Fee (minimum BDT 10,000/-) for a discussion meeting, admission assessment, and further guidance;
    • Remember, you have to bring your all original passport(s), academic documents, updated CV, NID/Birth Certificate etc. We will take proper scans through our scanner machine and return the original documents. 
    • Note: We do not provide any information over the phone or email.
  2. When you reach our office:
    • You will sit in our lobby area;
    • One of our team members will confirm your appointment time and receive the registration fee & documents to register you into our system first;
    • Parallelly, we will scan all your papers and then return the hard copies;
    • After that, we will sit together to discuss your case. At the discussion meeting with you, we will clarify all the confusion, do a basic profile assessment and visa chance;
    • Then, we will provide a proper guideline on your next step for admission & visa. 
    • We will also advise on how you can start the admission process at foreign Institutions and further the visa processing through ‘Sticker Visa’ office.
    • Click Here to know all Visa Services we are currently providing.
    • Click Here to know the list of The Countries of which we provide the visa services.
  3. This non-refundable registration fee is basically a cumulative fee for:
    • The process initiation (i.e. file opening),
    • Profile assessment,
    • Instant consultation or guideline for:
      • Student account opening,
      • International card opening,
      • Student health insurance preparation,
      • Accommodation advise,
      • English language proficiency test advice etc.
  4. This registration fee is the answers to all your questions such as:
    • Are you eligible to apply?
    • How much will be the total cost for study & living?
    • Who can be your sponsor and how?
    • How you can show your sponsorship documents (basic representation guidelines)?
    • Does Sticker Visa provide bank support?
    • What is the full process to apply?
    • How much service fee you will have to pay?

None of the above questions will be answered over the phone or by email because we first need to know all the details of you & your family’s profile to answer the questions or clear your confusion accurately. 

To know the Registration Fee and make a Prior Appointment to visit our office, please call at +8801841120155 or email

Our Contact Numbers are open 24/7 to provide information on how to make an appointment and visit our office to purchase our services – not for any free advice.

Our consultant(s) will provide any advice/solution after you officially purchase the service(s).

Who we are:

‘Sticker Visa’ – Study Section is a Dhaka-based team of Educational Specialists who provides consulting support for admission, documentation & visa processing. We already secured a 5 Star clients’ rating, and are fully equipped to open up the whole world’s study opportunities in front of you. Our speciality is – the offers are limitless here, i.e. you can choose any institutions abroad suitable for your profile merit & availability of courses. We will also proudly represent YOU to any foreign institutions, stay beside you all the time like your best well-wisher & an Advisor, to allocate the most suitable course and help you to make the most appropriate decision for your bright future or achieving goals.

Student Visa solution

Are You Choosing Your Study Destination Carefully?

To pursue higher education, most of our prospective students choose (by priority) Ireland, South Africa, Serbia, Croatia, Taiwan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Poland, Turkey, Belarus and Romania, based on opportunity, sponsorship, costs, settlement & many other factors. However, this is not the end of the world. Please communicate with us directly with your study requirement and desired country. Our skilled student consultants have an indefinite network to provide you with any scale of support you are dreaming of.

So, choose your study destination carefully before you move further. We can help you to make the right decision; we already have served hundreds of students for the same. We filled courage into those who were rejected by other consultants, knowing – they are not capable of getting the admission or visa. We took up the challenge & made that student cases successful. We made those students confident by taking the right decisions because we know how to convince a consular officer, through our way of presentation. However, our inspiring team served many students who believed themselves as a standalone from all others. Student Visa solution

Student Visa solution

So, Are You Still Reading Comfortably? Let’s move to our main solutions below:

  1. Admission at Institutions: We will act on behalf of the student and communicate with the institutions (starting from School to Masters) to get him/her admitted to a suitable course based on the requirement. We will give thorough instructions to the student in every step to take necessary actions or arrange required documents for completing the admission formalities.
  2. Documents Preparation for Visa Application: During the admission process, while you are about to receive the final acceptance letter from the institution, we will continue assisting you to arrange the applicable documents for your visa processing. We will also write all the pertaining letters, forms and give detailed advice on sponsors’ financials.
  3. Visa Application Submission & Processing: In this section, we will submit the ready application to the respected Embassy or Visa Office on your behalf. If you, depending on the country, require to submit the application in person to the Visa Office, then we will also provide full guidelines on how to submit the documents and pay all the associated fees.

Student Visa solution

So, What Should You Do Now?

Our dedicated WhatsApp Number for Admission &  Visa Support is +88 0184 1120 155 (24×7). Call us and make an appointment to visit our office.

Simply send us an email at with the name of your desired country & course, your current educational & professional details. Then, based on the purchase of our service(s), we will give you a proper feedback. Don’t forget to attach the available below documents:

  1. Passport bio-data page copy & all the visa or stamp copies (if available).
  2. Academic Documents (Certificate & Transcripts of JSC, SSC, HSC, Degree/Honours, Masters, Diploma, Training or any others).
  3. Birth Certificate.
  4. IELTS / TOEFL or any other Language Efficiency Certificate (if any).
  5. If Language Efficiency Certificate is not available, then provide the Medium of Instruction Certificate from your University or College (For Honours, Masters or Ph.D. Program).
  6. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  7. If you are currently doing a job, then Office ID copy & Contract Paper or Appointment Letter.
  8. Passport / National ID copy of your Sponsor (parents, siblings, uncles etc.). If a company or institution is sponsoring, then share their confirmation letter for Grant / Scholarship.

Student Visa solution

And How Long We Will Accompany You in This Whole Process (Total Processing Time)?

We will accompany you on this beautiful journey from the beginning of your admission until the end of your visa processing. We don’t want to say goodbye so easily! Believe it or not!

However, it’s very difficult to mention a specific time, because a study visa is a time-consuming process with various parties, where the more patience you have, the more success you get. So, we recommend that you should have enough time in hand before starting the whole process; once you start, there is no holding back.

Yet, processing time varies on the admission process at institutions and the visa application process at the Embassy or Visa Office. Our task is to work as a bridge between the applicant and the Educational Institutions / the Visa Office to conduct the official processing matters on behalf of the applicant(s).

Student Visa solution

How Much Our Service will Cost You?

We believe, the Time & Talents of our Consultants have value. So, we charge for every single service we offer – That’s True. But, we make sure that the time & money you invest in us, is Not Wasted – not even a Penny. So, before judging anything about us, talk directly to our polite team members. We may offer you something you can never refuse!!! 

Once you contact us, our consultant will listen to your case and give you a customized estimation of the probable costs. It will vary on the scale of support and dedicated hours you need from our Consulltants.

Student Visa solution

What are the Factors to Consider?


It is very important to know that we are certainly not equal to God! We do not have such Superpowers to grant or ensure you the desired Study Visa (there is nothing like a 100% surety). So, what we can, is to confirm that you have the best chances to receive your visa legally if you take our service.

Scholarships / Grants / Education Loans: Student Visa solution

Be more specific – do you seriously want to study by spending someone else’s money? Then, you better prove yourself an Einstein!

No Kidding! You seriously have to prove to be real talented & smart to have been offered those scholarships or study grants, even before you get the visa. For your information, we do not sell scholarships or study grants. Also, we never consider providing any bank solvency support from our office, so that you have no chance to think about our money as yours. However, if we find that you have talents, we will definitely assist you with scholarships.

Accommodation Facilities:
  • On-campus accommodation, is available in many institutions. All universities have halls of residence, generally apartments of 4 to 8 students, with a private bedroom and shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom.
  • Self-catering, rented accommodation: Students pay their rent monthly and in advance. At the beginning of a letting period, you pay a deposit of one month’s rent, which will be refunded when you leave (provided you have not caused any damage to the premises).
  • Host family: Some students choose to live with a host family in their home. This way, you have your own independence but still have the home comforts (and some rules) as well as a family to help you settle into a new way of life in a new country. Student Visa solution

Twenty (20) hours of work facilities (with an official permit) while studying:

Well, if you really have the guts to work hard, The Immigration Authority (for almost all the countries in the world) will allow you to attend part-time work for 20 hours a week and full time (40 hours) on vacations. Also, there are internship opportunities after the program is done and an additional stay-back period for international students provided by many countries. 


Countries that we are processing most of the student visa: 

Currently, we are processing the most student visa applications for the below countries (Click on the country name to know details about the process)

  1. South Africa:
  2. Ireland:
  3. Croatia:
  4. Serbia:
  5. Montenegro:
  6. Armenia:
  7. Lithuania:
  8. United Kingdom:
  9. Canada:
  10. USA:
  11. Australia: and many more as per clients’ requirements.
  12. For the full Country List, visit

Student Visa solution

Before you proceed, kindly read our Terms & Conditions from the below links:

  1. For Visa Processing:
  2. For Comprehensive Consultation:
  3. For Instant Consultation:

Student Visa solution

How You Can Find Us:

We are not Alien; we are based in Dhaka City @ Mirpur DOHS. To get to us, you need to call or email us as per the above instructions with your specific query and our team will answer it specifically. Remember, we do not provide any solution over the phone without knowing about you in detail.

Besides, for all general queries regarding any country’s visa (apart from student visa), you may call at +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155 (Both numbers are available over WhatsApp) and Email at

Student Visa Agency

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