South Africa TRP Visa Renew from Bangladesh

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South African TRP – Relative Visa Renew from ‘Sticker Visa Bangladesh Office

Before you call us, you have to read the details of this page till the end and follow all the instructions to get an appointment for visa application submission at our Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka Office.


Note: This visa option is only for those people whose TRP visa got expired during COVID-19 (March 2020 onwards) and are currently in Bangladesh.

  • Did you use to live in South Africa with a TRP – Relative Visa (under Marriage / Life Partner / Business / Work Permit)?
  • Have your TRP (Relative or others) Visa got expired & you are in Bangladesh now?
  • Do you want to return to your family or business in South Africa?

# If the above conditions match with you, then prepare the below-listed documents and Submit those to our Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka Office.

# On your behalf, we will submit and process your visa application to/from the South African High Commission in New Delhi, India.

# From Bangladesh, ‘Sticker Visa Office at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka is the only Consulting Firm to process all categories’ South African visas in the smoothest and within the authentic channel.

South Africa TRP Visa Renew from Bangladesh

How Would You Take Our Service?

  1. First, you will arrange the below-listed applicable documents.
  2. Second, you will make a call at +8801841120155 or email at to visit our office upon appointment with all your prepared original documents. DO NOT ask us over the phone which documents you need.
  3. After visiting our office, we will accept all your original documents and our Service Fee (in full) and provide you a Unique Customer Reference (UCR) Number.
  4. After the UCR Number is created, our team will validate all your documents and instruct if any important document is required for your case. Our team will also assist to prepare the case approach, various letters, and forms (if & where necessary).
  5. Once everything is properly sorted, we will submit the full set of documents to the South African High Commission in India for visa processing. We will share the VFS Tracking Number with you once the application is submitted.
  6. Eventually, once your visa processing is done, we will bring your documents & passport(s) from India and deliver from our Dhaka Office.

Our Contact Numbers are open 24/7 to provide information on how to purchase our services – not for any free advice. Our consultant(s) will provide any advice/solution after you officially purchase the service(s).

South Africa TRP Visa Renew from Bangladesh

Required Documents to Submit at Our Office (whichever applicable/available):

  1. Original Valid Passport along with Old Passports, (valid for at least 30 days after the intended stay/departure date from South Africa; at least Two unused/blank visa pages).
  2. Two recent passport size photographs with 80% face coverage, white background, and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm). Photos must be Lab-Printed and without editing. Click here for full Photo Specifications.
  3. Marriage Certificate & Marriage Registry documents issued from South Africa – for married applicants. For those whose TRP visas are under Life Partner, they need to provide Legal Affidavit or Contract Letter.
  4. Applicant’s / Spouse’s / Partner’s job or business documents from South Africa. If you had TRP under a work permit, then provide documents of your employer.
  5. Your Police Clearance Certificate (Original) issued by the nearest police station of your residence in Bangladesh.
  6. Your South African Police Clearance Certificate (PCC – Original) issued by your local SAPS (SA Police Services) in South Africa. If you do not have the PCC from South Africa, then don’t worry. Submit all available documents to our office with the processing fee and we will advise you on how to arrange the PCC from SAPS.
  7. Your Residence Proof (Utility bill, tenancy agreement, property document etc.) from South Africa, where you used to live. You can also provide your spouse or partner’s residence address.
  8. Bank Certified Statement(s) of you and/or of your spouse (living in South Africa) for the last 3 months or more / not less than 90 days with the proof of sufficient financial means.

Apart from the above list of papers, The South African High Commission may request few other documents accordingly to applicant’s profile. We will advise the applicant once the passport & other available documents are submitted to our office.

Kindly prepare the above documents (whichever you can arrange) and submit to our office with a prior appointment. If your documentation is not complete, don’t worry! Only submit whichever documents you have with the applicable fee at our Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka office, and our Team will help you further on pending documentation.

South Africa TRP Visa Renew from Bangladesh

Visa Application Processing Time: The timelines given by the South African High Commission for the processing of each application is a minimum of 30-60 days from the day of submission at Visa Application Centers. We ensure the fastest passport transit time from Dhaka-Delhi-Dhaka for the quickest visa processing.

Visa Application Processing Fee: It floats on various factors. While you have compiled all of your documents and ready to submit, call at +8801841120155 for an appointment. Our team will advise you the appropriate fee according to your case with an appointment time. Fees are taken at the time you submit your documents and passports in our office.

Our contact numbers are available 24×7, Please call now!

South Africa TRP Visa Renew from Bangladesh