Sticker Visa Services

Sticker Visa Services Sticker Visa Services

Sticker Visa is the finest visa processing center in Dhaka, serves with customized solutions to your visa and immigration issues. We are focused on assisting such visa cases where other agencies in the city are incompetent to provide the solutions.  We dissect the profile of each applicant and advise to prepare the documents as explicitly required.

To know the Full List of the countries’ visa solutions ‘Sticker Visa’ – Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka Office provides, please click & visit this link:

Sticker Visa Services

Below is the list of Important Visa Related Services that ‘Sticker Visa – Dhaka Office’ Provides:

SerialParticular of ServicesClickable Links for Details
1Visa Processing Service (To submit your visa application at any Embassy / Visa Office located in India)
2Comprehensive Consultation Service (A comprehensive consulting support to resolve any of you complex visa related matters)
3Online Consultation Service (through Digital Tools, without a physical meeting)
4For all Student Visa related complete assistance (admission/counselling/visa processing)
5Ireland Student Visa (A comprehensive admission, consultancy & processing support to ensure that you have maximum chance to get the visa)
6South Africa Student Visa Solution (Take your family members (wife, child, brother, sister, nephew, niece, friends) to RSA easily under legal study permit & avoid any unnecessary hassle)
7Visa Assessment Service (Your personal guidance to take the right travel decision & identify best visa option)
8Instant/On-Spot Consultation Service (An affordable & instant solution for all your visa queries)
9Visa Application’s Documents Pre-check/Validation Service (Know the positive visa decision probability before Embassy submission)
10Touchless Visa Application Submission Service (Process visa without visiting our office)
11Any E-Visa Processing
12International Job Sourcing & Placement Service (Connect the right person for your career abroad)
13Documents Legalization/Attestation Support inside India (Why take legalization hassles when we are here to take on our shoulder)
14Identifying Visa Category & Checklist Solution (Be confident in applying to the right visa category and with the most appropriate list of documents)
15Visa Solution for Common Countries / Frequent Destinations (provide paid information/consultation only)
16International Schengen / Student Insurance (for Students, Tourists, Business, Join Family and Others)
17Visa Information for Unfamiliar Countries (Rarely visited destinations – provide paid information/consultation only)