Online Visa Consulting Service

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***Take our Visa Consulting Service from your Home / Abroad, Digitally! ***

Online Visa Consulting Service

Thanks to the Global Cutting-edge Technology for you can solve any of your visa related issues simply staying from home because Sticker Visa – Dhaka Office makes things easy when it comes to providing services to its clients living anywhere in the world. Now, you do not need to catch a bus or plane or rickshaw to visit our office simply to take a service, where there are smarter ways. Online Visa Consulting Service

We have introduced ‘Online Visa Consulting Service’, an easy method for anyone who is either living far away from us (abroad) or not able to visit our office physically for availing any visa information, or counselling or processing service. We will be working with your case/visa application from our office, while you will be relaxing on your couch and watching TV at home without any pressure.

You simply need to register with us online and share the guided documents and start the magic. Our experienced consultants will use digital platforms (WhatsApp / Zoom / IMO / Skype or any other) to discuss your case in multiple video callings and provide your thorough guidelines over email or any other digital tools.

Online Visa Consulting Service

Registration process:

To register with us officially, you have to comply with the Terms of our service(s) and make the initial confirmation fee (starts from BDT 10,000/-) to start the service. Our online consultation service is basically under 3 different services below (click on the link for details):

Our fees include our consultant’s working time value to work on your profile assessment under. The fee varies on the scale of support and the complexity of the case. If the fee is a smaller amount, we take it in Full at the time of registration. But, if the case is complex, and the fee is a higher amount, then we split the case analysis and consulting support into several stages and will take the fee on each milestone, as the proceeding develops.

Online Visa Consulting Service

Decide & Start:

Now (after you read all the above details), you need to make a decision whether you need this exact support before applying for your next visa or not. If yes, you need to contact us ASAP and we will guide you to register and start. Our expert consultants are very experienced and able to instruct you properly to achieve your desired visa & make your travel successful (hassle-free). Please contact us at +88 0184 1120 155 (Direct / WhatsApp / ).

To know more about our Visa Consulting support, please check this link:

For all general queries regarding any country’s visa, you may call at +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155 (Both numbers are available over WhatsApp IMO)

Also reach us over Email:

Online Visa Consulting Service

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Online Visa Consulting Service