Terms & Conditions for International Job Sourcing Service

General Terms:

While providing consultation for your job sourcing abroad, ‘Sticker Visa (SV)’ shall provide the services as per the below Terms & Conditions. By signing this paper, the registered candidate is deemed to have fully accepted and understood these terms and conditions as its ‘Client’ to the service provider.

Service Definition:

Our International Job Sourcing Service (IJSS) is a unique method that enables you to connect with the international workplace easily for your prospective employment, where ‘Sticker Visa’ stands as a personal consultant and establish communication, negotiate job offers and process visa application (where applicable) with the recruiters / head-hunting firms abroad on behalf of clients. Since getting a job offer from any international company is a challenging work, hence SV provides a set of supports to the candidate, such as documents & qualification assessment, creation / fine-tune of profile & other materials (e.g. CV and Cover Letter), representation of candidate to the International workplace, assistance in the interview & recruitment process, negotiating for better salary & benefits, complete guidance for visa documentation & processing of visa etc.

Under these terms, we will open up a case file under the candidate’s name and details to analyze the educational, professional & other related qualifications including any previous immigration history and approach to the foreign companies for a better employment offer. You can only avail our International Job Sourcing Service upon registration at our system and once you have agreed to these Terms.

Service Terms:

IJSS is a separate service, which is followed by the visa consultation service and the visa processing service. Below are the terms for each services along with some common terms:

Common Terms: These terms are applicable for all the services.

  1. It is up to the Clients to ensure that they are of legal age to register for our service with authentic data and documents in his/her own name in their country of residence.
  2. The agreed fees paid under all the services is totally non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the service.
  3. The client has to pay the registration fees to initiate the service.
  4. We deliver services ASAP, but do not provide any specific delivery date/time, since it depends on various external factors.
  5. The Client has to provide true and authentic information as requested from ‘Sticker Visa’ to estimate the service fee at the initial meeting. Concealing any information (vital or otherwise) in the initial meeting and/or making any change in the case history after the consulting fee is paid, will lead to cancellation of the taken service(s) from Sticker Visa and forfeiture of the full service fee.
  6. The fees paid to Sticker Visa is the Net Support Charge for its services only. No other 3rd party cost or service fees are included with our fees (otherwise mentioned below).

Job Sourcing Service Terms:

  1. The client has to pay the registration fees, once agreed upon the total fees and terms and conditions, to initiate the service.
  2. After the approval of visa, the applicant needs to pay his/her 2 months’ equivalent gross salary. For example, if client gets a gross salary of BDT 200,000/- per month, s/he will pay us BDT 400,000/- (2 x 200,000). If the salary is less than BDT 100,000/- per month, then the client will pay us 4 months’ equivalent salary.
  3. The equivalent salary amount that s/he will pay us, is the gross amount (without deduction of tax or other contributions) that the company will agree to pay to the client.
  4. Sticker Visa will place a candidate’s job profile to applicable number of matching foreign companies or head-hunting firms as per candidate’s qualifications.
  5. The process for seeking & negotiating job will continue at best up to 3 months. Within the 3 months’ timeframe, if no company accept the ‘Client’ as ‘Qualified Candidate’, then Sticker Visa will send a notice to the client with the service report and close the IJSS.
  6. Client has to be mentally ready that any party (foreign company or labor ministry) may refuse your job application. Also, visa decision is the sole discretion of visa office. ‘Sticker Visa’ cannot be held liable, if the visa is refused. On top, for any Appeal Support to the refusal decision or Re-Application, client will be charged separately if wishes to take our assistance.
  7. If one or several companies accept the candidate, SV will only go with the best offering company. In case if the job or work permit fails at any stage, SV will only reach to the 2nd company, if it is within 3 months of registering the IJSS.
  8. The act of Sticker Visa is not to offer jobs, rather work as a professional advisor / consultant in linking between the client & foreign companies. Sticker Visa is not a recruiting firm.
  9. IJSS and visa consultation support will be applicable for one specific country only.
  10. This job sourcing service ends (unless disqualified) with the final confirmation of job by foreign employer and consequent issuance of employment permit by the respective country where applicable.
  11. In case the foreign employing company request to pay the permit application fee/legal fee/lawyer fee, the applicant will be communicated such and the request amount should be paid & transferred by the applicant, not by SV.
  12. The client has to pay the visa consulting fees once the employment permit is ready. Given below is the details of visa consulting service.

Visa Consulting Service Terms:

  1. Sticker Visa team will provide consultation support to the candidate(s) to prepare the employment visa application properly according to his/her profile. The client shall have to provide all the visa supporting documents as per the guidance of SV.
  2. The client has to pay the total agreed upon fees of consultation after the work permit is received. Once the agreed payment is received, the client is deemed to have engaged with the visa counselling support of Sticker Visa.
  3. The fees paid to Sticker Visa is the Net Support Charge for its consultation support only. No other 3rd party cost or service fees is included with the consultation fee.
  4. Visa decision is the sole discretion of visa office. ‘Sticker Visa’ cannot be held liable, if the visa is refused. On top, any Appeal Support to the refusal decision or Re-Application is not included within this service terms.
  5. The Counselling Service is generally our Professional Advice. Under this agreement, Sticker Visa Team will provide intellectual support to the applicant(s) to prepare the visa application appropriately according to his/her profile. The client shall have to arrange all the documents of his/her own.
  6. The Client will only be provided with the printouts of their cover, invitation & forwarding letters or any other visa related files/documents from Consultant’s end. However, no soft copies of the files will be provided.
  7. Our consultation support will be applicable for one specific country only for application/re-application/appeal.
  8. The client will be obliged to allow necessary time (as required) to Sticker Visa Team for making the visa/appeal approach.
  9. We deliver services ASAP, but do not provide any specific delivery date/time, since it depends on various external factors.
  10. Once all the documents are ready for the embassy, the client needs to pay the visa processing fees. Discussed below are the terms and conditions for visa processing support.

Visa Processing Service Terms:

  1. Standard service fee which is paid, covers one time both way (send & receive) carrying of passport & documents to consular office abroad. For any additional carrying of passport / documents, an extra fee will be applicable.
  2. Visa decision is the sole discretion of visa office. ‘Sticker Visa’ cannot be held liable, if the visa is refused. On top, any appeal support to the refusal decision or re-application is not included within this service terms.
  3. In time-bound scenario, ‘Sticker Visa’ can take any urgent decision on behalf of applicant without prior notice.
  4. If Visa Office / Visa Application Center does not accept the visa applications for any issue, ‘Sticker Visa’ cannot be held responsible.
  5. In case the visa office asks for in-person interview, the applicant(s) shall arrange the travel at their own costs.
  6. The fee which will be paid to ‘Sticker Visa’ is the Net support charge for its visa processing support only. No other 3rd party cost or service fees is included with the visa processing fee, such as travel/medical insurance fee, translation & notary, creating property valuation/declaration, printing & stationery cost etc.
  7. ‘Sticker Visa’ is very much careful for the security of its clients’ passports & documents. But ‘Sticker Visa’ shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, mishandling, untraced or torn of documents/passports. This is because, ‘Sticker Visa’ handles passports and documents with different parties, agencies, embassies, international courier and airline companies in different countries wherever necessary, in between any accident may happen, eventually which arises directly or indirectly but the responsible. Agency/party may send a letter of lost or Police Complaint Copy abiding the guidelines/laws from destination Country for respective client. Sticker Visa is not responsible for any consequences resulting from major incidents through any part of our service provider such as any customs / airport cargo congestions, strike, terrorist activities, political crisis, war, natural catastrophe; which could lead to a total or partial reduction, full damage or loss of documents and passports.

Privacy Policy:

‘Sticker Visa’ will only process Clients’ personal and professional data for the purpose of visa counselling. The Clients’ profile and documentation can only be viewed by the Associated Parties / Employer / Agencies / Embassy. Disclosure of information about the Client can be necessary if it is asked by relevant government offices and law enforcement agencies.

Complaints Handling & Liability:

If a Client has a dispute, query or problem, he/she must contact ‘Sticker Visa’ directly within 24 hours of the event. If the client at any time feels that he/she is dissatisfied with our service or ‘Sticker Visa’ has not lived up to his/her expectations, the client may send a complaint to us via an official email to the mentioned email address below. This will be passed immediately onto the management. ‘Sticker Visa’ will handle the complaint in the shortest possible time.

It is noteworthy that these terms and conditions shall only govern the relationship between ‘Sticker Visa’ and Client. These terms & conditions represent the whole of the agreement between ‘Sticker Visa’ and the Client, and replace any previous written or verbal agreement, communicated by ‘Sticker Visa’. Should one or more terms or conditions of this agreement be declared void by a recognized Court of Justice, the remaining Terms & Conditions would retain their validity.

Refund Policy:

‘Sticker Visa’ maintains a strict policy of ‘No Refund’ for all the services it provides. ‘Sticker Visa’s task is to do a thorough study of the client’s case and provide the appropriate guidelines for job hunting, preparing documents & processing the visa application. Therefore, any amount received as fees from the Client (candidate) is completely Non-Refundable regardless of the outcome of the service. Even in the urgent case of closing this service at any stage at any time, no refund can be claimed.

Acceptance of the above Terms of Conditions by the applicant / Representative:

When you have started an international job sourcing task and further visa consultation/processing through this service, it will be deemed that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions (T&C) with its full context.

No Future claims by the client that does not comply with the above terms will be entertained by the service provider.