Terms & Conditions for Instant Consultation Service

General Terms:

While applying for your visa, ‘Sticker Visa’ shall provide the services as per the below Terms & Conditions. By reading the below contents, a visa applicant / representative / agent is deemed to have fully accepted and understood these terms and conditions for Instant Visa Consultation as its ‘Client’ to the service provider ‘Sticker Visa’. To start the visa processing, you have to carefully read the below terms & comply with us fully.


Service Definition:

Our Instant Visa Consultation service is a perfect solution that enables you with guidelines to prepare your visa application seamlessly according to your profile. Since proper visa documentation depends on several factors, we conduct a complete background and travel history check of the client on-spot and based on which consultation is provided instantly on the basis of provided information and/or documents. Clients are carefully explained with specific requirements of visa application for them and how to arrange documents in such a way as to improve its acceptability. Under these terms, we will conduct a session (for 30 minutes to 1 hour at best as required) with the client and know all the details to analyze the travel, professional & other history including any previous visa refusal(s) and provide a thorough verbal instruction on visa information and processing, including our next layer of consultation/processing fees (where applicable). You can only avail our Instant Visa Consultation Service upon payment confirmation and once you have agreed to our below Service Terms.


Service Terms of ‘Sticker Visa’:

  1. It is up to the Clients to ensure that they are of legal age to register for our service with authentic data and documents in his/her own name in their country of residence.
  2. The client has to pay the agreed upon fees at the 1st sitting of consultation service. Once the agreed payment is received, the client is deemed to have engaged with the Instant Visa Consultation support of Sticker Visa.
  3. The agreed fees paid under this Consultation service is totally non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the visa decision.
  4. The fees paid to Sticker Visa is the Net Support Charge for its discussion or session only.
  5. Visa decision is the sole discretion of visa office. ‘Sticker Visa’ cannot be held liable, if the visa is refused.
  6. The Consultation Service is generally our Professional Advice. Under this agreement, Sticker Visa Team will provide intellectual support to the applicant(s) to prepare the visa application appropriately according to his/her profile in the first sitting. After this meeting, if the client is in need of another sitting, then an additional session fee will be applicable.
  7. The Client will be provided no written documents, only the verbal discussion will be applicable under this consultation service.
  8. Our consultation support will be applicable for one specific country only.
  9. The Instant Consultation Service ends when this discussion session is completed with the Client. This is a one day – one hour session, where all the questions and confusions of the client will be answered by Sticker Visa Team. Where if there is any additional information requested by the client, Sticker Visa may clarify those in a single email only.
  10. The Client has to provide true and authentic information as requested from ‘Sticker Visa’ to estimate the service fee at the initial meeting. Concealing any information (vital or otherwise) in the initial meeting and/or making any change in the case history after the consulting fee is paid, will lead to cancellation of the taken service(s) from Sticker Visa and forfeiture of the full service fee.


Privacy Policy:

‘Sticker Visa’ will only process Clients’ personal and professional data for the purpose of visa consultancy. The Clients’ profile and documentation can only be viewed by the Associated Parties / Agencies / Embassy. Disclosure of information about the Client can be necessary if it is asked by relevant government offices and law enforcement agencies.


Complaints Handling & Liability:

If a Client has a dispute, query or problem, he/she must contact ‘Sticker Visa’ directly within 24 hours of the event. If the client at any time feels that he/she is dissatisfied with our service or ‘Sticker Visa’ has not lived up to his/her expectations, the client may send a complaint to us via an official email to the mentioned email address below. This will be passed immediately onto the management. ‘Sticker Visa’ will handle the complaint in the shortest possible time.
It is noteworthy that these terms and conditions shall only govern the relationship between ‘Sticker Visa’ and Client. These terms & conditions represent the whole of the agreement between ‘Sticker Visa’ and the Client, and replace any previous written or verbal agreement, communicated by ‘Sticker Visa’. Should one or more terms or conditions of this agreement be declared void by a recognized Court of Justice, the remaining Terms & Conditions would retain their validity.


Refund Policy:

‘Sticker Visa’ maintains a strict policy of ‘No Refund’ for all the instant visa Consultation support it provides. ‘Sticker Visa’s task is to discuss with the client/necessary party regarding the specific visa matters, answer their questions and clear client’s confusions, and provide appropriate guidelines, so that the client may prepare the visa documents by themselves. Therefore, the grand total amount received as fees from the client/applicant is completely Non-Refundable regardless of the outcome of the clients’ visa documents preparation or eventually the visa decision. Even closing the consultation process (after the payment/registration) at any stage in any situation, no refund can be claimed.


Acceptance of the Terms of Conditions by Applicant / Representative:

When you have applied for the visa through our consultation service, it will be deemed that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions (T&C) with its full context.

No Future claims by the client that does not comply with the above terms will be entertained by the service provider ‘Sticker Visa’.