Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution

Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution

Are you looking for a reliable & knowledgeable Visa Consultant to finally discuss & resolve all your visa-related problems?

Making a visa application without thorough knowledge in rules & eligibilities can be a daunting and time-consuming process. We can guide you through the complex issues on your profile, take away the stress and help you make your application count.

# Have you talked with several people already for your visa & yet confused on which is reliable and which is not? # Are you looking for a reliable consultant to listen to your detail case very carefully and give you solid guidance instantly? # Are you stuck in choosing the right visa category & documents which are applicable for you? # Are you lost within hundreds of visa related information and couldn’t figure out which information to pick for you? # Are you sure, you are not taking a wrong decision to choose the right country for your next travel? # Do you have plenty of visa related queries and looking for a knowledgeable & experienced consultant to answer all those?

We, at Sticker Visa, have designed our ‘Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution’ to answer all your visa related queries, provide solid guidance on your future travel & help you to take the right decision in your life to make sure your effort, time & money are not wasted in wrong hand.

Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution

Everyday, we get many calls from confused visa applicants (or their family members) who need guidance for their next travel abroad for the purpose of tourism, visiting family/friend, employment, study, business meeting, conference, long term join family, medical attention or many other purposes. Some visa applicants previously got refused from any particular country or several countries on many occasions and afraid to apply again. Some of them are even confused in selecting the right visa categories for them, where they need a thorough discussion with our expert team to resolve all his/her confusion/queries instantly.

Under this service, we will arrange a full one (1) hour session for you with one of our qualified consultant. This session can be, upon prior appointment & arrangement, a physical meeting at our Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka office premise or through our Online Consulting Solution (over telephone or video-conference).

We work on boosting the confidence of the applicants, by giving instant advices to assist them for taking the right decision.

How to Avail This Service:

  1. First, you need to call us at +88 0184 1120 144 or +88 0184 1120 155 or email us at to take a prior appointment to visit our office for the session or to arrange the session online. Based on your communication with us, we will inform you the process of this meeting session & payment formalities. It is recommended that you should be punctual on the day of your session. You also will be instructed to bring all the documents (including your original passports) relating to your profile, profession, education, previous visa refusals etc. For online meeting session, email us everything a day before the session starts.
  2. We have divided the whole One Hour Session in 3 Segments:
    1. For the first 20 minutes, we will listen to your case, all the problems, queries & confusions & take detail records (written/audio).
    2. For the next 20 minutes, We will ask you several questions based on your profile, profession, economic & social affairs, family, travel history & many others. We may also ask questions in the first segment.
    3. For the last 20 minutes, we will answer all your questions & clear all the confusion you have, with proper justification. We will try to solve your case on-spot and advise you what decisions you should make further. So that, you can get a clear picture on your overall case.
  3. In case, if we need any background check or further study on your case, we will take 2-3 working days and give you a written feedback with processes & instructions. So that, you can understand what you should do next. Please be informed that, we will only provide you intellectual guidance instantly or over a single email along with a 30 minutes follow-up call. We will not write or prepare any of your documents.
  4. In that written feedback over email, we will address the suitable visa category and the strengths & loopholes of your visa application, so that you can understand the success rate of your visa if you apply with the current situation of your profile.
  5. Once you receive the overall guidance from us, you can do the needful by yourself or take our Comprehensive Visa Consultation Service to further receive the full assistance from us.

Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution


The Fee for this Session depends on the complexity of the case. You are requested to call us for a brief conversation with our team. On call, we will listen a brief of your case and advise you the applicable fee. Therefore, it is necessary to talk with our expert over phone to get an exact quotation for the service.

Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution

Do You Want To Start The Session?

Want to resolve your case easily? Take your phone in hand & dial our number right now to start the session!

Our dedicated Direct || WhatsApp Number for Instant/On-Spot Consultation Service is +88 0184 1120 155  (we are available 24×7). Please call now!

Besides, for all general queries, you may call at +88 0184 1120 100 or +88 0184 1120 155 (Both numbers are available over WhatsApp, Viber, IMO) and Email at

Instant/On-Spot Consultation Solution

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