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Hungary Schengen Visa | We Provide Hungary Schengen Visa Consulting Support from Bangladesh

A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that allows a person to travel to any members of the Schengen Area, per stays up to 90 days for tourism, business, family visit, conference, and other purposes.

‘Sticker Visa’ Bangladesh Office has the most experienced & reliable pool of consultants to resolve all kinds of Schengen visa matters of Hungary from Bangladesh. If you are facing difficulties in the visa process of Short Term (C) (Schengen) visas, and really need support from the best Consultants in the city, you should contact our Mirpur DOHS office over phone/email to schedule an appointment to discuss your case matters. 

For Hungary short-term (90 days) visa, you need to submit all the required documents to The Federal Republic of Germany in Bangladesh in person.

How Would You Take Our Service?

  1. You need to make a call at +8801841120144 or +8801841120155 (to briefly discuss your case) or email (with the detailed elaboration of your case). Our team will note your case and if you are an eligible client to serve, you will be provided an appointment to visit our office or take an initial online meeting with our Consultants (subject to case screening fees).
  2. Within the initial meeting, our consultants will carefully listen to your case details and advise you which particular Service (Click Here to know all Visa Services) you need to purchase for an appropriate solution for your visa application.
  3. Once you purchase our service by following the offered terms, our team will register you into our system and start the official proceedings.
  4. Official proceedings refer to studying all the relevant factors of your case and prepare the most appropriate solution within the earliest possible time.

Please refrain yourself from expecting any advice/solution from us in the initial call/email. Our Contact Numbers are open 24/7 to connect you with our services only. Our consultant(s) will provide you any advice/solution after the official proceedings are conducted.

If you find it difficult to identify the appropriate Visa Category & Checklist, kindly purchase our relevant service (Click Here for details).

‘Sticker Visa’ will help you to choose the right visa category, identify applicable documents based on your profile, and guide you in detail on how to make a proper representation of your visa documents at the Embassy. We have a pool of professional consultants to assist you in this matter thru our personalized Consultation Solutions.

Hungary Schengen Visa from Bangladesh

Documents Requirements for Visas/Permits:

To apply for a Hungary Schengen visa, an applicant needs to present some specific documents to the Embassy based on his/her travel purpose. Below are the common documents applicable to all visa categories.

  1. Original Passport(s).
  2. Properly filled Visa Application Form with appropriate Photographs.
  3. A Justification/Covering Letter and/or Invitation Letter from the relevant parties, if & where applicable.
  4. NOC / Forwarding / Recommendation / Reference Letter from various parties, if & where necessary.
  5. Ticket Itinerary reservation copy & Proof of Accommodation.
  6. Medical / Travel Insurance covering the Travel time.
  7. Various Bank and/or Financial documents: Maybe applicable based on the applicant’s status.
  8. Other relevant documents specific to your travel purpose & category might be necessary.

Once you purchase our Consulting Support, our team will prepare a customized checklist based on your profile & visa purpose. We will also guide you in writing all the applicable letters where necessary depending on the type of support you purchase from us.

Hungary Schengen Visa from Bangladesh

Fees of Our Services:

Our consultation fee depends on the scale of support necessary for your case with the time involvement by the consultant(s). We offer a wide range of competitive fees structure (according to the Global Standard) to serve clients as per their requirements. Depending on the sophistication of your case matters, our team will identify and advise the applicable fee over the phone or email.

Processing / Consultation Time:

It depends on how much time is practically required to resolve your case. Just to give an idea, our Instant Consultation Service ends in 1 hour with a solution, and some of our sophisticated cases can go through months to resolve. Please call or email our team to tell your case, and we will advise the time frame accordingly.

The processing time at Embassy depends on the visa categories (usually 15 days) and proper representation of the visa application to the Visa Office.

Hungary Schengen Visa from Bangladesh

Residence Permit to Study in Hungary:

We are independent consultants, assisting only career-oriented students for Hungary study visa. If you are confused about admission and/or visa processing and looking for an experienced & reliable consultant, then contact our Dhaka Office for a comprehensive solution.

To know more detail about Hungary Student Visa and to meet our dedicated Student Consultant, please Click Here.

To purchase any of our services, please follow the above process. Nevertheless, for urgent concerns & business discussion (B2B, B2E, B2G), you may go for a short call with our Chief Consultant & Center Head at +8801841120100.

Hungary Schengen Visa from Bangladesh

*The above information is up to date and valid until 31 December, 2022.

Hungary Schengen Visa from Bangladesh