FAQ’s / Answers to Some Common Queries

  • What is a visa? faqs
    Visa is form of entry permission, issued by a respective diplomatic mission or accredited authority of a specific country/sovereign territory which allows the visa seeker to visit their land.
  • Why does the Bangladeshi citizen need a visa prior to travel? faqs
    If you are travelling to a foreign land, you always need a visa to ensure that you are entering the country legally. As a citizen of Bangladesh, we need a visa to travel almost all the countries in the world unless our govt. has arrangement of visa exemption or visa on arrival with that particular country.
  • Do we need to bear any cost to process a visa? faqs
    Mostly yes, but the fee varies country to country and on the basis of visa category that you are applying. Sometimes diplomatic and official passport holders receive gratis visa / visa without fees.
  • How do I pay the visa fees? faqs
    You can pay it by bank, DD or in cash as per the respective policy of the country you are applying visa for. But, while applying visa thru us, you simply need make the total payment at our office and we take care of the necessary payments to the embassy on your behalf.
  • How long will the entire process take?
    It completely depends on the country you are applying. Sometimes visa can be done in the same day and sometimes it takes months to process. You can connect with us with for specific information about any particular country.
  • What is a visa on arrival and what is a visa-free country?
    A visa on arrival is a form of mutual arrangement between two countries where citizen of one country visiting to another can avail the visa at the port of entry. It is usually issued for tourism purpose for countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Indonesia, Kenya and more where Bangladeshi people can travel under such scheme.
  • How do I get a travel visa?
    You need to arrange list of documents which are generally required by your country of travel for attaining their visa. On behalf of you, our team submits the documents with your passport to the embassy and after necessary processing time, they issue the visa or sometimes they refuse it.
  • What are the generic documents that are requested by embassy for a travel visa?
    The list of documents that are required to submit for visa differs country to country. We are giving a general glance of the very common travel visa documents such as
    • Valid passport
    • Properly Completed visa application form
    • 2 copies passport size photos
    • Payment of required fees
    • Last 6 months bank statement showing that you the necessary funds to complete your journey
    • Hotel & Air ticket booking
    • Invitation letter and forwarding letter etc.
  • What is the process of applying visa thru www.stickervisa.com? faqs
    It is very easy. In case you already know the detailed list of documents that is required for your visa, you need to call up our hotline +88 01841120100 or +8801841120155 (Direct Call, WhatsApp IMO) for an appointment to submit your documents and passports. It is to be noted that we do not entertain any walk-in clients, hence prior appointment over phone or email is mandatory to submit your visa application. In case you do not know the list of required documents, you can email us at connect@stickervisa.com for your specific query and our team will answer it specifically. Also, if our team finds that you need an in-depth counselling support to prepare the visa application, we will suggest you and accordingly you can avail that to increase the chances of getting visa. To learn more about our Counselling Support Details, kindly Click Here.
  • How can I get my visa update? faqs
    We provide on time visa status update over email/SMS notification. On top, we assign one dedicated 24X7 phone number for client support once you submit the visa application to us. You can also call up / SMS that number to know your visa status. It is also be noted, once the visa is processed, you will get a call / SMS to collect your passport.
  • Can I track my visa status online? faqs
    We always want to keep our client connected with a real person rather that online updates. Hence, we did not keep any puzzling online status checking option. Rather we send email/SMS notification on each update to our clients or you may call/email/SMS us for prompt update on the latest status.
  • Processing Time at Embassy? faqs
    Processing time at Embassy depends on the category of visa application. It also depends on the volume of applications which varies throughout the year. Any of the embassies cannot guarantee the outcome or the length of time an application takes to process; neither can they guarantee the return of passport and documents within a certain timeframe. This is due to the fact that visa applications are assessed individually and individual circumstances can mean processing times may vary and result in longer decision times. These processing times reflect the detailed assessment that is required to be carried out in relation to visa applications.